The PTY Shop

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CANOPY_The PTY Shop_Branding
CANOPY_The PTY Shop_Note Card
CANOPY_The PTY Shop_Mood Board
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CANOPY_The PTY Shop_Signage
CANOPY_The PTY Shop_Signage

About Project

THE PTY SHOP is on a mission to re-brand the word fashion, a word which can, at times, feel cold and inaccessible, and re-associate it with femininity, strength, and confidence. It is PTY's goal to reinvigorate the industry with confidence, and remind its audience that being nice is always the answer!

To communicate this sense of fun, femininity, and playfulness, CANOPY created a visual language composed of irregular shapes and friendly type that playfully dance around the canvas. Each piece of collateral emphasizes the PTY mission by communicating "nice" messages like notes cards that say "nice to meet you" or hang tags that say "nice hanging with you".


Brand Strategy, Brand Styling, Packaging Design, Identity Design

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