Black Tree Resort

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About Project

BLACK TREE is a luxury camping resort that crafts comfortable and customized adventures for active families, groups and couples who want to reconnect with what’s most important.

The term “Black Tree” refers to an experience that happens when sleeping beneath the stars. You look up to comprehend the dark, mysterious beauty of brawny trees casting a silhouette against a celestial backdrop, and in this moment, you’re peaceful, you’re present, you’re happy. You are surrounded by unfathomable beauty, and accompanied by the ones you love. Everything is perfect.
To illustrate the allure of this moment, CANOPY developed a color palette that reflects hues found in nature, adding a dash of copper to communicate a sense of luxury. This key look, enhanced by motifs of trees, shadows, and other wilderness elements, was applied across the brand’s assets to translate feelings of peacefulness, optimism, togetherness and adventure.


Brand Strategy, Brand Styling, Logo Design, Identity Design

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