How it works

Canopy's 6-step process makes launching your new brand as simple and straightforward as possible.


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Customize brand kit

First, select the services you require, then tell me a bit about yourself. Head to the contact page and fill me in on your brand, budget, and timeline.

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Book appointment

Next, we’ll schedule a phone call to get to know each other and talk about your project. If you like what you hear, we'll pick a start date and be off to the races!

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Sign papers

This is the tedious (but necessary!) part of the process where we dot our “i’s” and cross our “t’s”, you make your first payment, etc. Bleh, let’s move on ...

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Do homework

You’ll start by completing a questionnaire designed to tease-out pertinent information regarding your business. Based on your answers, I’ll create a comprehensive brand strategy, and we’ll be off to the races!

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Design + refine

Next, I’ll develop a design concept for your brand including a mood board, color palette, type palette, and ideas for your website, collateral, and marks. We’ll then work back-and-forth to refine the designs in three rounds.

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Once you approve the final designs, we’ll prep for launch! This includes sending files to print, website migration, and digital file delivery. Phew! That was easy.

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T E S T I M O N I A L 

“Sarah’s process is genius. She knows how to listen and distill the most potent information to create something that elevates what you had in mind. I came loaded with ideas but not sure how to get it from my head to paper. Sarah took it all in, refined it, and we now we are armed tools that articulate who we are with precision."


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