Out of Nowhere

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About Project

OUT OF NOWHERE is a wardrobe subscription service designed for women of style and stature. Each month, an outfit is put together, packaged, and delivered to doorsteps around the world. Although thousands of women receive the same outfit each month, they are given the opportunity to style each garment in a manner that suits their personal sense of style and share it using the brand's hashtag. The practice is a reminder that we all have more in common than we have differences, and that we each make a significant contribution to the world when we own who we are.

To draw-out this mission, CANOPY honed-in on a visual language that feels, at once, delicate and sturdy, composed and freeform, bold and subtle - disparate pairings that balance, harmony, and strength.

(Self-initiated project)


Brand Strategy, Brand Styling, Social Media Styling, Website Design, Lookbook Design

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