Kelli de la Torre Yoga

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About Project

KELLI DE LA TORRE is a yoga, meditation and breathwork instructor for oncology patients and their caregivers. Her method utilizes a combination of time-honored practices and research-driven tools to help her clients reclaim a sense of comfort, connection and presence.

When I asked Kelli what she wanted her brand to feel like, she responded saying, “… a warm, gentle light that envelops and nourishes my students”.  With this in-mind, we created a loose, illustrated logo system that captures two figures - the patient and the caregiver. Both figures are enveloped by an irregular form that represents a ball of light, or human life force, that surrounds, connects and holds all three together. Furthering this idea, the two figures are composed of a single line signifying the unity and connection between their souls. Natural light plays a predominant role in the brand’s photography, seeming to wrap around It is a metaphoric representation of life, loving-kindness, nourishment, and support — an emblem of the Eternal, a greater Being, all-knowing.


Brand Strategy, Brand Styling, Website Design, Logo Design, Identity Design

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