Unforgettable brand design crafted to entice your audience. The Canopy process is rooted in listening, rest, and exceeding expectations.

CANOPY_Listening Well_Core Value.jpg

Listening Well

Unforgettable brand design rests on the ability to communicate authentically. That’s why the CANOPY process is rooted in listening. Through questions and creative exercises, I work to extract what makes you unique and visually articulate it in a way that leaves you feeling like, “Wow, she REALLY gets me!”

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Rooted in Rest

I’ve learned that our most creative work comes when we’re well rested. But so much of what society asks of us contradicts this. That’s why my process keeps rest in mind. No busy work, no wasted space. I work hard to make the process easy for you. When you’re at ease, we’re both at ease. And, less truly is more.

CANOPY_Exceeding Expectations_Core Value.jpg

Exceeding Expectations

One of best compliments I get is that my work exceeds expectations. Yes, I’m trustworthy, efficient, and have a fresh sense of style, but exceeding expectations goes deeper. Having a process rooted in listening and rest, I see full potential of where my clients are going. This enables me to become your advocate and partner on your journey.

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